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This article is relevant for organizations that are looking for ways to pull up NetSuite data, perform edits, and update information back to NetSuite using a custom mobile application. We also discuss cloud printing operations within the same mobile app context.


We’ve dedicated a lot of our time into developing a powerful utility called eXtendMobile that provides a no code framework enabling NetSuite Administrators, Developers, and Power Users to define their own functions and user interface forms. The framework supports dynamic form configuration for standard Create and Edit operations while also helping custom function development support within the application.

Several of our clients are in field services, or have assembly line and production floor operations. Being able to call out to NetSuite efficiently via scan or quick entry to deliver a condensed view of user defined information allows organizations to capture data where they previously never thought they could. Once the data is pulled up, the user can make explicitly defined edits and post information back to NetSuite. We’re seeing this utilized for dozens of unique functions surrounding standard and custom NetSuite records.

This article discusses a unique use case and process that incorporates scanning, batching, transformation, and cloud based print operations using a utility called PrintNode, which even NetSuite uses as their WMS Driver Software Utility, and is a pretty badass solution all around.

Function #1 — Mobile Scan to Validate

Upstream there is a process where users fill plastic totes with various Sales Orders and log the Tote license plate number to the order. This associates that tote with those sales orders. Then that tote is physically pushed down a conveyer belt where the recipient needs to validate the contents of the tote.

The operator receives the tote and scans the license plate using the app. An itemized list of the contents appears on screen for the user to review. The operator then scans each individual order and the destination bin to validate the contents were put away properly.

If they scan values that aren’t supposed to be in that tote, or destinations that aren’t correct, they are presented with an error message in the UI and need to seek resolution.

Totes Magotes…

Function #2 — Destination Batch & Clear

Function #2 happens after the Tote Scan operation, where the operator is required to scan the destination ID. Once performed, it triggers off a series of NetSuite server side operations that will take all of the lines from all of the orders in the destination and will recreate a new Sales Order containing all destination items in one comprehensive consolidated batch Sales Order. This function creates a “consolidated debit” which is then used to generate labels and packing slips.

This is a one scan operation, so all the operator needs to do is approach the destination, select the function, and scan the destination. All of the rest of the work happens server side on the NetSuite end.

Once the consolidated debit is created, it triggers printing operations for the users to execute.

Function #3 — Batch Print Labels & Packing Slips

After the user produces the consolidated batch sales order, they produce labels and packing slips to accompany the order. The user is presented with a screen containing different batch #’s and print icons that will trigger a cloud based print operation to generate media on a local printer of your choice.

This function auto triggers upon the batch creation, but we also provided the user to re-print or manually invoke the print operation from the batch summary screen (seen below).

Batch Summary Screen
Printed Label Sample, shown above

We leverage a cloud printing service called PrintNode within our development operations due to it’s low cost, high performance, and straightforward build and functionality. While we’ve adopted this for several clients and functions, we recently noticed that NetSuite uses the same service in their WMS print driver operations.


Our focus on mobile utilities has allowed our clients to elevate their operational game by providing access to information for employees, vendors, or customers with improved UX and increased efficiency. By providing tools that allow administrators to create functions and distribute them to their users easily, we are able to support several business specific requirements using a single base solution.

The ability to pull up records via scan, review the information, and then post edits and images unlocks a whole new level of knowledge for the users. This has had a dramatic impact on the accountability and productivity of the users who perform these production floor processes.

If you’re an organization seeking mobile or web based solutions that rely upon quick access to information and the ability to quickly update NetSuite in the background, drop us a line via our contact us to see if our mobile, web, and cloud printing solutions would benefit you.

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